Essay On Gautam Buddha

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Essay On Gautam Buddha

Lord Buddha was born at Lumbini in the north hills of India. His father was the ruler of tribe known as Sakyas. He was named ‘Siddhartha’. At the time of his birth, the pandits predicted that either he would be a brave king or a saint. So his father was very careful to look after him. All kinds of luxuries and comforts of life were provided to him.

He was very kind to the animals and birds from his childhood as he had very soft heart. He married a pretty princess named ‘Yashodhara’. They had a lovely son named ‘Rahul’. In spite of all comforts, he was not happy at heart. He visited city many times to see the life of common men. The sight of sick man, an old man and a dead body shocked him. Once he saw a sanyasin who had given everything and was in search of God. The thought about the sufferings of human beings snatched away his peace of mind.

One night he left his palace silently and decided to find the cause of sorrow and unhappiness and also ways of liberation from them. He wandered here and there in search of truth but failed. At last at ‘Gaya’ in Bihar under a Bodhi tree he meditated and found a way for ‘Salvation and peace.

He preached that our desire and wishes are the cause of sufferings and unhappiness. The less desire one has, more happy he is. He laid down eight principles. If we follow these principles, there can be an end to sorrows and unhappiness. He preached the message of love, truth and Ahinsa. Very soon he became popular among the common men because of his simple philosophy and simple language. Thousands became his followers. His wife and son also became his followers. His teachings brought much change in Indian history. The great king Ashoka adopted Buddhism and spread it in India and in Sri Lanka, China, Japan and many other countries. Mahatma Gandhi got inspiration from Lord Buddha and adopted peaceful methods for freedom of India. Gautam Buddha was a great son of India who showed the path of peace to suffering world.

Essay On Gautam Buddha


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