Essay On Being Without A Job OR Essay On Unemployment

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Essay On Being Without A Job OR Essay On Unemployment

Unemployment is a fact in which people have no jobs. Unfortunately, many times people find no suitable work as per their interest and expectations. Unemployment is a state of not having a job although a person is capable and willing to work to earn livelihood. People across India have faced this depressive problem since long. The rate of unemployment is much higher in urban regions as compared to rural areas. In agrarian country like India, one finds greater rate of unemployment in agricultural sector compared to industrial and other fields.

Generally, unemployment is categorized as voluntary unemployment and involuntary unemployment. In voluntary unemployment, person has no job and work. He is not interested to work and earn his living. Such kind of unemployment results in many social problems. He no longer remains productive member of society. The functioning of society is disorganized. Due to rapid changes in society, new values are adopted and some of the older values gradually vanish. Those people who are not in a position to reject their older values do not accept the new values. This results in conflict between the supporters of older values and the newer ones. In economics, this situation is observed as voluntary unemployment.

In involuntary unemployment, the person who is unemployed has no option in the matter. It means that he is separated from the work that earns him money. He has to struggle without money although he is capable of earning and is keen about his job.

In recent years, the problem of unemployment has increased in many countries of the world. There are various reasons contributing to this problem. Age of the person, physical disabilities, lack of education, lack of vocational training and experience have contributed to this problem. Moreover, there is alarming population growth that reduces the opportunities for a good job.

Technological development adds to economic development. Unplanned and uncontrolled technological growth has caused disorder in jobs. Computerization and mechanization has led to technological unemployment. Strikes and lockouts have become common aspects of the industrial world. Since workers do not get any salary or wages during the strike period, they suffer severe financial hardships. They become permanently or temporarily unemployed.

Young people are not prepared to become self-employed. Infect they depend on Government vacancies. Problems of unemployment can be reduced by creating opportunities for self employment. Moreover, population growth must be controlled by bringing awareness towards family planning programmes

Essay On Unemployment


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